fridge-smsA computer science professor thinks that the pace of interaction between consumers and their appliances will increase at a rapid pace in the future, and this might see your fridges informing you remotely whenever you start to run low on essential items, i.e. milk. Dr. Kevin Curran claims that it is a matter of the next five years advancing technology to have home appliances sent text messages to humans, in a manner that is far more often than from humans to humans even.

Dr. Curran is looking forward to the day when consumers are able to interact with just about all of the appliances and devices that they own. Imagine your dishwasher alerting you that it has done its job and is ready to be emptied so that the next batch of dirty dishes can be washed. How about your washing machine that no longer lets out a ditty at the end of the wash cycle, but rather, sends you a polite text instead?

Of course, this does not mean that such a future would not have issues of its own, since there are still kinks which need to be worked out at the moment – and the main ones include security, standards, and overburdened networks. One thing’s for sure though – smart homes are here to stay.

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