driving-smsTexting while driving is a definite no-no, and it should be anathema to all those behind the wheel, pretty much the same when it comes to taking a swig of your favorite poison. After all, there are horror stories of texting while driving which has led to tragedies, and you certainly do not need a simulator to teach you that, do you? Apple has already patented a technology that can prevent users from texting while driving, and here we are ComSonics, a Virginia-based tech company which performs calibration services for speed-enforcing equipment, radar guns included. It looks as though ComSonics will expand their repertoire of services to include a new device that can actually detect the presence of texting drivers, now how about that?

Apparently, a text message will emit a different type of signal compared to that of a data transfer or a phone call, and ComSonics’ has just the device which is capable of picking up such a signal. Similar to radar guns that can detect speed-limit violations, this is a brand new contraption which will be able to determine even in a speeding car that text messages are being sent out, allowing law enforcement officers to pick out texting and driving misdemeanors with a higher degree of accuracy.

However, if there is more than just the driver sitting inside, and the passenger is doing the texting, will this radar be able to tell the difference? What about voice-controlled assistants that actually help you send texts – does this mean you too, will be summoned? So many questions, and the answers to seem to be pretty scarce.

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