FacebookIf you’ve ever wondered what people look at when they visit your profile on social networks like Facebook, we’ve got some answers for you. The folks over at the EyeTrackShop recently performed an interesting study on a group of 30 participants. Using webcams that were set up to monitor the eye movements of the people in front of the computers, they recorded what each user was looking at every 10 seconds. And judging by the results of the study, there are some interesting things to note.

Profile pictures are important – on social networks like Facebook, Klout and StumbleUpon, the profile photo drew the most attention, however on LinkedIn, it was the job title that grabbed the most attention. Another thing to note is that friends on your profile get noticed – people do check out all the little thumbnails in your friends list. Lastly – content that is displayed on the top of the page is more likely to be noticed than something that needs scrolling to access.

While a sample size of only 30 people might not be extremely accurate, most of them spent a lot of time looking at the same thing, so there should be some truth to the study. Hit the source link to check out more screenshots of the results.

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