Rex bionic legs go for sale in the UK

For the majority of us, getting up and about might seem to be a chore even though we have a pair of perfectly good legs, but for those who want to be up and about but cannot due to injury, disease, or even being born without the ability to use their legs, will definitely hope that they too, can figuratively be in your shoes. I guess wheelchair-bound folks can identify with the feeling that Jake Sully in the movie ‘Avatar’ experienced when he first explored the outside world via his avatar. Well, technology has advanced to such a stage where bionic legs can be used to aid one in the walking process, and such a pair has just received the approval to go on sale in the UK.

The Rex bionic legs, as they are called, were designed by two Scottish school friends. This is not the only method or solution to get around, as there are other exoskeletons available as well which will enable folks who have mobility problems to move around. In the video shown over at our source, Elena Bertoldo was flown over from Italy to be fitted with the device for the first time, and you can tell that she was nervous and excited at the same time. Too bad the cost of entry is prohibitively high – we’re looking at GBP95,000 to own one of these.

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