To celebrate Internet Week Europe, Microsoft’s VoIP component, Skype, has announced that they will be giving away free Skype Access for that continent, in particular, the UK. Just what is Skype Access? It is a single-click Internet access feature, , across the UK for the duration of the Internet Week Europe festival. Prior to this announcement, you can pay for Wi-Fi access by the minute using Skype Access thanks to your Skype Credits, where all you need would be a connection to a Skype Access compatible hotspot as well as the latest version of Skype for Mac or Windows.

Just when would Skype Access be free for use whenever you are in the UK? Well, according to Skype’s blog, they mentioned that from “0001 GMT on the 7th November 2011 to to 2359 GMT on the 11th November 2011, Skype Access will be free to use, so you can surf the web, send email and make free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls at Skype Access-enabled WiFi hotspots in cafés, hotels and airports across the UK.” – for up to 60 minutes each time.

Time to check with the travel agent just how much is that trans-Atlantic flight from San Fran…

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