These days many of us are working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. This means that video conferencing apps have become more popular than ever, where colleagues are calling each other to get work done and to conduct meetings virtually. Since this is no longer in an office setting, many have understandably opted to work in comfortable clothing.

In some cases, pants have become completely optional, such as in the case with poor Tony, where in a viral video that is being shared online, the poor fellow was having a video call with his colleagues where he stood up and (unknowingly) revealed himself walking around in his underwear while his colleagues desperately try to get his attention.

In the video (see embedded tweet below), “Tony” and his colleagues bid farewell to each other after their online meeting ends. However, Tony forgets that he needs to hang up his call and instead gets up off his chair while his webcam is on, exposing himself to his colleagues in the process.

They all crack up while they are shouting at him in hopes that it will get his attention (it doesn’t). Instead, one of them had to call him in which he turns around with a shocked and hilarious reaction before running out of the room, presumably to get some pants. So, the next time you are video conferencing with your colleagues, either remember to hang up the call when you’re done, or maybe just put on some pants!

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