While some of us might find something like parking our vehicles a simple thing to do, others do struggle with it – I suppose it is an inborn thing, whether we “have it” or not. Well, for those who have difficulty edging in our four wheeler into a tight space, here is a microcar from Suzuki which is known as the Q-Concept, where it will make its appearance at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, where the theme for this year is “Small cars for a big future.” Suzuki certainly took the theme seriously, especially where the word “small” is concerned, where the Q-Concept seats just two and is dead easy to park considering the size of it.

Meant to fit the non-existent niche of being between a motorcycle and an ultra-compact car, it has an overall length of just 2.5 meters, so parallel parking problems would be a thing of the past, and while it is able to squeeze into spaces meant for motorcycles, I am not quite sure whether you would get a ticket for doing so. Apart from being easy to ride and park, it is also powered by electricity, helping you maintain a green image. The 10 km radius might be disappointing to many, but as an urban vehicle that helps you get around the block or two without hassle, it might be perfect.

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