Hajime Sakamoto who is currently president of the Hajime Research Institute from Japan, has plans for a robot that might just make fans of the “Aliens” movie proud. How so, you ask? Well, Hajime intends to construct a 4 meter (13 ft) tall robot that actually works, sporting a built-in cockpit for you to climb inside (and perhaps battle maniacal queen xenomorphs once in a while in space) to manipulate it like a Mech. Once his 4 meter dream is achieved, he intends to double the height of his subsequent project, eventually reaching 18 meters in height to equal that of a life sized Gundam mobile suit.

It might sound impossible right now, but who knows what the future might bring? After all, many things that we see and have today were deemed to be impossible many years ago, such as cell phones, aeroplanes and a slew of other technological wizardry. As to what kind of labor Hajime’s uber tall robots are able to achieve, that remains to be seen.

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