Apple’s next-gen iPad has had several rumors surrounding it, the most popular would be how Apple would be launching two models next year, a smaller 7” model and a “regular” sized model that would be relatively similar to the current iPad’s dimensions. However a report from Digitimes seems to suggest that Apple would be unveiling not two, but three iPad models at iWorld on the 26th of January 2012.


Technically one of the models would be the iPad 2 which Digitimes’ sources seems to think will be Apple’s answer to the Amazon Kindle Fire, i.e. affordable. This seems to be based on what Apple has done with the iPhone 4 which was to release a special 8GB model that is priced lower than the regular iPhone 4. Not only will this iPad 2 be cheaper, but will be in the “low-end” range of iPads, suggesting that the two newer models will fill both the mid- and high-ranged market segments respectively.

Their sources are also saying that as far as hardware specifications are concerned, the new iPads will feature Apple’s new quad-core A6 processors, improved camera sensors and apparently a new battery with a whopping capacity of 14,000mAh. It does sound pretty good on paper, but then again Apple has never really played to what the market “expects” of it. We suggest that you should probably take this piece of news with a grain of salt for now, at least until iWorld where Apple may or may not announce their new iPad(s).

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