Apple’s announcing something tomorrow, and although we’re not completely sure what we’re going to see, we have a pretty good idea it involves something “mini.” But there may be a surprise update to the iPad “3” tomorrow to bring it up to date with the rest of iOS’s new line: it will ditch the old 30-pin connector for  Apple’s new Lightning port

Apple’s new connector is a significant technical achievement and a clear improvement over the old connector. The problem is, the 30-pin covers all iPhones up to the 4S and it started way back with the original iPod. So there’s a huge ecosystem of products still on the market that use it. But it’s time to change, and update all of Apple’s products, so the new ecosystem can flourish. It makes sense that tomorrow’s a good time for Apple to update their flagship tablet as they introduce a new tablet. So here’s a PSA: don’t buy an iPad until you know it’s getting updated, unless you have 30-pin accessories you were hoping to use.

Image courtesy of Apple.Pro

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