Do you have an iPad that is currently just sitting there, collecting dust while you use either a new iPad or your smartphone to do all of your social media “work” and play Candy Crush? If you’ve been considering selling your old iPad, you might want to pull the trigger on a promotion Best Buy is holding this weekend.

Best Buy is currently offering at least $200 for your iPad 2 or iPad 3 starting today, July 12, to Saturday July 13 during its trade-in event. The trade-in event won’t give you actual cash, but instead the money you receive for your old iPads will be given to you by way of a Best Buy gift card. That may turn some of you off, but remember that you can make at least $200, meaning you can make well over that too if your iPad is in the greatest condition of its existence.

Considering a new iPad is right around the corner, this would be the best time for you to trade in your iPad 2 or iPad 3, so long as you can live without it for the next couple of months and can secure whatever new iPad is going to be released on the day it’s made available to customers.

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