Are you a fan of all things Apple? If you are interested in owning a piece of history, it appears that some rare Apple prototypes have managed to find their way onto eBay. According to the seller, these prototypes are of devices that were never put into production and thus have never been sold to the public before. This includes a “Multiserver”, a prototype ROM card and a prototype power adapter.

Starting with the Multiserver, this empty chassis was probably built to showcase what the product would look like when it was finished. Its front plate was designed by none other than Frog Design and in reality it’s actually a 3Com 3 Server metal chassis that was painted over to make it look like an actual Apple product. According to the seller, despite the chassis being empty, it still weighs a whopping 24 pounds.

The second item is a prototype ROM card that supposedly was meant to be used in an early build of the Apple II computer back in 1978. The seller claims that the board itself has not been tested to see if it actually works, but then again we’re guessing collectors buy these parts to keep rather than to use.

Last but not least is a prototype power adapter for the Macintosh PowerBook Duo 270C that dates back to 1993. Apparently the PowerBook itself was used by an Apple manager (even comes with name card to prove it) and its prototype power adapter never made it to production. The PowerBook itself is apparently still functional after 17 years which is pretty impressive.

The pages for the Multiserver chassis, prototype ROM card, and the prototype power adapter with the PowerBook can be found on eBay should any of you guys want to place a bid or check out more photographs.

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