If you have fallen head over heels in love with your Mac, and wished that it could actually speak to you as the two of you hold a decent conversation, here is 50% of the answer to your prayers – Matthew Roberts has cobbled together the Vocal project, where it will enable you to use Siri running on your iPhone 4S to control apps, perform searches, copy-and-paste text, master iTunes, and even look up words amongst others on your Mac. Check out a video of the Vocal project in action after the jump.

As Matthew Roberts succinctly put it, “Vocal came essentially from playing with Siri on my new 4S as a sort of “novelty” as I just acquired the device, and since I use my Mac so much I wanted to see if I could write a Siri-like app for it. After looking around the only main competitor was the software from Nuance, but it was over 1GB to download and cost upwards of $50. Considering the 4S can already dictate text, I thought I could make a super simple app “for the masses”, I guess you could say.”

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