[CES 2012] 3D printers might be the next big thing to follow when it comes to the world of 3D, and CES this year sees printer manufacturer 3D Systems roll out what they deem to be a first consumer level 3D printer which is not a kit, and neither will it burn too large a hole in your proverbial pocket. Known as the Cube 3D Printer, it is tipped to be on sale within the coming months, retailing for a relatively affordable $1,299. Of course, when you throw in plastic refill cartridges that come in 10 different colors to choose from, that would increase the initial outlay as these will retail for $50 a pop. The Cube 3D Printer itself measures 14″ x 14″ x 18″, tipping the scales at less than 9 lbs and can print approximately 10 to 12 “average size” parts. When used in conjunction with the Cubify.com platform that is still in beta, you can download 3D apps and access 3D printable content to kickstart your 3D printing adventure. It would be interesting to see just what hobbyists can come up with using the Cube 3D printer in their spare time.

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