The Das Model S Professional Keyboard for Mac is finally here, and as usual, the early bird gets the worm. Normally, this keyboard will retail for $133 a pop, but you can always place a pre-order now and shave $20 off, and that kind of money can be spent to buy you a nice lunch somewhere else. This high-performance Model S mechanical keyboard will now come with Mac-specific features to follow up on their cult-like following, and when you merge that with Apple’s loyal bunch of customers, it is a surefire winner. Sheer design cues and pleasing aesthetics do not a whole picture make, but the overall user experience needs to be one that draws the user back over and over again.

Shipping commences this April 15th to folks in the US and Canada, where you are then able to enjoy features in the Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac such as gold-plated mechanical key switches that were specially designed to withstand 50 million strokes, an enhanced 104-key layout with special keys for quick access to common media player and computer functions, Command and Option keys, an instant sleep function, a 6-key rollover, a couple of USB 2.0 ports, and an extra-long USB cable that measures 2 meters. [Press Release]

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