Logitech Reveals New Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

Multi-tasking is no longer a buzzword that you throw around in order to look as though you are in the know – we are expected to be multi-taskers these days, and not to be that can be considered anathema in the working world. Well, in order to do so, the kind of tools that we use too, would have to be able to keep up with the times. Logitech knows […]

New Apple Wireless Keyboard With Backlit Keys Spotted On Company’s Online Store

Apple may have a new wireless keyboard to launch in the very near future. The new Apple wireless keyboard has been spotted on Apple’s online store for the Czech Republic. There aren’t any major changes to the form and function though one notable addition has been made. It appears that the new keyboard comes with backlit keys which will make it much easier to use the wireless keyboard in the dark […]

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop Set Announced

Microsoft has just announced its Designer Bluetooth Desktop set today, where it certainly looks as though the software giant is about to gamble a whole lot on style – and we are pretty sure, too, that performance will be part of the equation in the end, in order to sell the device. The keyboard itself happens to be a full-size model and will come with an integrated number pad, in […]

Nyko Type Pad Hits The PlayStation 4

Consoles such as the Sony PS4 have enjoyed a relatively successful run so far since its release to the worldwide markets, and with no signs of it slowing down whatsoever, it makes perfect sense that there is a healthy opportunity to release peripherals for it – and by that, I do not mean by a controller of a different color, but something that adds value to the PS4 experience for […]


Jaasta’s Wireless Keyboard Features E-Ink Keys

Depending on where you’re from, your keyboards will be sold to you either in English or feature characters from your native language. This is usually a choice that users have to make as they would have to decide whether their base language should be English or their native tongue, especially since these characters are pretty much etched onto the keys themselves. This is unlike virtual keyboards where you can switch […]

Cougar 500K Membrane Gaming Keyboard Unveiled

When it comes to gaming keyboards, there are some gamers who swear by mechanical keys as they believe it provides better tactile feedback, not to mention that the sound can be quite addictive. However there are those who feel the opposite and believe that there are cheaper, better, and quieter options out there. Well if you’re not a fan of mechanical keyboards but still want a gaming keyboard all the […]

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard Announced

Microsoft has just announced the brand new Universal Mobile Keyboard which will not rely on any kind of 2.4GHz wireless network to connect to a computing device, but rather, it will fall back on Bluetooth in order to hook up to three different devices. Apart from that, this $70 Universal Mobile Keyboard will play nice with just about any operating system out there instead of being limited in its narrow […]

AirType Prototype Keyboard Wants To Do Away With Keys Completely

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the hulking and noisy mechanical keyboards, to the more diminutive chiclet laptop keyboards, to virtual keyboards that we use on our phones. All of them have different uses and different feels, but could there be another type of keyboard we could be looking at? Well according to a startup company from Austin, Texas, the answer is yes, and that is to […]

Qwerkywriter Is A Typewriter-looking Keyboard For Tablets And PCs

Keyboard docks and cases for tablets come in a variety of sizes and design. Some try to mimic laptop with low profile keys, while others go for a different look, kind of like the Qwerkywriter pictured above. The Qwerkywriter, in case it wasn’t obvious enough, is a keyboard dock designed for tablets in mind. However as you can clearly see in the photo, it has been designed to mimic the […]

R2-D2 Infrared Keyboard Oozes With Cuteness

When it comes to one of the more courageous as well as resourceful characters in the Star Wars universe, certainly the R2-D2 astromech droid stands out above the rest in terms of stature, never mind that it shares just about the same height as that of Master Jedi Yoda. R2-D2 has gotten himself and others out of near death scrapes way too many times, and will also continue to star […]

Nokia Power Keyboard Now Available On AT&T And Verizon

The Nokia Lumia 2520 which was released in October last year happened to be Nokia’s maiden attempt at a Windows RT tablet. The Nokia Lumia 2520 arrived with some pretty mean hardware specifications back in the day, where one could notice plenty of sleek design elements which were found on its range of Windows Phone powered Lumia handsets. Considering how the Nokia Lumia 2520 was touted to be a productivity […]

Sony Vegas Pro Keyboard Launched

Not all keyboards are created equal, and here we are with the Sony Vegas Pro Keyboard from Editor Keys which will feature more than 116 keyboard shortcuts for the program, where this particular keyboard intends to make editing in Sony Vegas a whole lot more faster than before. That is in theory, of course, and we cannot wait to see whether such a claim is true in real life. The […]

Gyration Announces New Keyboards

Gyration might sound as though it is a company that deals with Shakira’s dancing ability, but it is actually a company that has just re-issued a couple of its classic wireless keyboards, namely the 101-key Gyration Classic Full-Size Wireless Keyboard and the 88-key Gyration Classic Compact Wireless Keyboard. Both of these keyboards would arrive with sculpted keys to deliver tactile-response typing, in addition to dedicated multimedia and Internet browsing keys, […]

World’s Thinnest Keyboard Measures In At Under Half A Millimeter Thick

[IFA 2013] We know there are those of you who would prefer to have a thin keyboard over a thick one as it makes transportation much easier as well as having a thin keyboard makes it feel like you’re typing directly on your desk top. But would you want to use a keyboard that measures in a less than half a millimeter thick?