While NFC is a pretty handy feature, Apple has yet to see the need to incorporate it into their smartphones. Despite the lack of NFC support in iPhones, various companies have managed to find workarounds, such as NFC-enabled SIM cards, and lately a company by the name of DeviceFidelity recently developed a microSD card that features NFC capabilities. The microSD is slotted into an iPhone case, which in turn will be attached to the iPhone, thus giving the device NFC capabilities.

The company together with Spring Card Systems launched their own mobile payment services dubbed “moneto”. This service, together with the NFC-enabled microSD, can be used through an app that is downloaded onto the phone. The app also apparently has a function that shows nearby stores that support mobile payment services, which we guess can come in handy. The microSD card, together with the case along with the prepaid card issued by the University National Bank (with $10 in credit) will be sold for $79.95. For Android users looking to get in on the NFC action, the moneto mobile payment services is expected to be made available for Android devices come Q2 of 2012.

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