Apple’s next-generation iPhone is expected to see a refresh later this year, so while details and rumors are still scarce at this point, this has not stopped fans from releasing concept designs of what they think Apple’s next iPhone should look like and how it should perform. This particular concept design is by Kris Groen and seems to feature some new “squeezing” gestures that we have to admit is interesting, although we can’t really speak on its practicality.

According to Kris Groen, this concept design has done away with the home button. It is replaced by two buttons on the side of the device which can be squeezed naturally since it has been positioned, and designed, based on the way we generally hold our phones. The squeezing action appears to perform a variety of functions, such as doubling up as a home button, a way to multitask between apps and also as a way of moving between the screens, all of which does not require the user to touch the screen at all.

He has also bumped up the display size to 4” while maintaining a Retina display. All in all, a rather interesting and unique concept, but it seems to be more novel rather than practical. Anyway who knows, perhaps Kris Groen’s ideas might be worth something to Apple and he could see himself get hired by the Cupertino company, much like Jan-Michael Cart who designed an iOS interface concept. For those interested, check out the video below for a demonstration of the concept in action. What do you guys think? Yay, or nay?

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