Google has banned the Siri knockoff app that was making its rounds on the Android Market, which is good for them considering the app called “Siri for Android” is nowhere near the proficiency of the actual Siri’s performance on the iPhone 4S. In fact, Google’s banhammer has also fallen upon the developer, which means you won’t hear from the developer on the Android Market any more from now onwards. Still, this did not stop from a minimum of a thousand Android users from installing the banned app before it was taken off the Android Market, and as to what led those thousand odd users to download it, chances are curiosity would have topped the list, or misinformation.

What do you think of the entire Siri clone situation? Were you one of those who actually decided to take the risk and see what it was all about, only to be disappointed and realized that it was nothing but a waste of space on your precious smartphone? I am quite sure that this will not be the last we hear of fake apps masquerading as another.

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