Square’s range of mobile readers are making their way towards a bunch of T-Mobile retail locations, which incidentally, would make them in time for campaign season, for folks who are interested in politics (and that would mean a huge number of people, of course). Just what the heck is a Square mobile reader? Well, this is a smartphone accessory that has a built-in card reader, and you are able to plug it into the headphone jack of most iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The attachments have been on sale at Apple stores and other retailers including Target and Best Buy for some time already, allowing one to process credit cards using the smartphone. Seems to be something that is gaining more and more importance, especially among merchants who used to hang a “Cash Only” sign outside of their stalls.

How about campaign donations? Such a situation, too, would mean that having one of these Square mobile readers would definitely come in handy. After all, with 2008 being the year of online payments and fund transfers, 2012 might just see mobile readers take over the bulk of on-site campaign donations. After all, we are already in an instant society where most things need to be immediate, so does contributing to your politician of choice’s coffers.

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