A handful of sources out there have reported that there are demos available which depict Windows 8 running on high-profile devices from key manufacturers, and a stable build of Windows 8 suitable for ARM architecture is expected to roll out next month – which frankly, is just a couple of days away. An industry insider informed CNET’s team that in “October of last year, it [Windows 8 on ARM] scared the industry because it was unstable. But what we are seeing now is quite stable. We haven’t heard this directly from Microsoft, but we’ve heard this from the hardware partners that [Microsoft] is working with. We’ve been promised something in the February time frame.”

Why is Windows 8 on ARM such a big deal? Well, to have Windows 8 run on ARM architecture translates to a far more affordable option compared to an Intel counterpart, as an Intel-powered Windows 8 device that was shown off at CES earlier this month would have been far cheaper if it were to appear with an ARM-based processor underneath the hood. Well, good things always comes to those who wait, so here we are, keeping our fingers crossed that Windows 8 wll make quite a splash when it is finally available to the masses.

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