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UK Government Blocks NVIDIA’s Acquisition Of ARM
Last year, it was announced that NVIDIA would be acquiring ARM. This is quite a huge deal as ARM’s technology is basically behind almost every smartphone chipset out there, and then some. So obviously NVIDIA owning the company that’s kind of like the backbone of the entire smartphone market is a massive thing.

Google And Microsoft Reportedly Oppose NVIDIA’s Acquisition Of ARM As Well
Last year, NVIDIA made waves when they announced that they would be acquiring ARM from SoftBank. Given that NVIDIA’s chipset efforts have kind of been limited to its own products as of late, acquiring ARM would allow them to get back into the semiconducting business in a huge way.

Qualcomm Is Objecting To NVIDIA’s Acquisition Of ARM
Last year, it was reported that NVIDIA was getting ready to acquire ARM from SoftBank in a deal that was said to be worth $40 billion. Initially there were rumors and speculation that Apple might be interested given how the company is now making their own chipsets, but it seems that NVIDIA would be the one landing the deal.

NVIDIA Reaches Computing Superpower StatusEditor's Pick
It’s official: NVIDIA will acquire ARM from Softbank for $40B in a stock and cash deal that is the largest semiconductor deal I’ve heard of in that industry.


Microsoft Reportedly Testing AMD And ARM Chips For Surface Products
Microsoft’s Surface products have largely used Intel chips even though the company has used ARM chips for some Surface products many years ago. It might be thinking about a return to ARM and possibly even using AMD chips for new Surface products. A report claims that Microsoft’s relationship with Intel is on shaky ground and that the company is testing AMD and ARM chips for future products.

2018 Macs Might Feature ARM Coprocessors
Apple is expected to launch new Macs later this year and if a new report is to be believed, the 2018 Macs might feature an ARM coprocessor for increased security. The company is said to be working on at least three new Mac models which will feature an ARM coprocessor. It’s pertinent to mention here that Apple isn’t shifting to ARM processors completely for Macs, these models will retain their […]

Windows 10 ARM Battery Life Will Be A 'Game-Changer,' says Microsoft
Microsoft confirmed its plans for ARM-powered Windows 10 notebooks last year. The notebooks will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor from Qualcomm and they will be able to run conventional desktop apps on Windows 10. These notebooks were expected to arrive this year but not much information is available right now about when they’ll arrive. When they do arrive, it seems that the battery life is going to be […]

Apple Reportedly Interested In Developing Custom ARM Chips For Macs
It appears that Apple isn’t just interested in producing chips for its mobile devices. If a new report is to be believed, the company wants to reduce its dependence on Intel for the MacBook lineup. It suggests that the company is thinking about developing custom ARM chips for future Mac machines.

Ubergizmo's Best of Computex 2017
Another Computex comes to an end, and once again, there are a flurry of great announcements and products related to the PC industry and derivatives such as VR/AR and Gaming. We have run around to check as many things as we could (check our Computex 2017 coverage), but we didn’t stray too far from our normal regimen of laptops and key components such as CPUs and GPUS.We’ve compiled this list (no […]

New ARM Processors Have Been Built For Powering Artificial Intelligence
ARM has arrived at Computex 2017 with a couple of new smartphone processors that it has developed with the express purpose of powering artificial intelligence-based solutions on mobile devices. That’s not surprising at all given that artificial intelligence is in vogue these days and as the industry makes a shift towards this technology, we can expect companies like ARM to follow suit as well.

ARM Mali-Cetus Next-Gen Display Processor Announced
You might be familiar with ARM. Most Android-powered devices in the market today use processors by ARM. These processors are normally coupled with ARM’s Mali graphics processors. Each new processor comes with a slightly improved graphics processor. ARM is now kicking things up a notch by announcing the Mali-Cetus, its next-generation graphics processor.

ARM Windows 10 Laptops From Lenovo And Microsoft Expected Soon
It has only been a few weeks since Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said during an investor call that we might see Windows 10 laptops powered by ARM processors by the end of this year. He mentioned that the company’s Snapdragon 835 processor would expand into mobile PC designs running Windows 10. According to a new report, Lenovo and Microsoft might be the first companies to launch ARM Windows 10 laptops.

SoftBank Completes Acquisition Of ARM
Back in July, it was reported that Japanese company SoftBank announced their plans to acquire UK company ARM. For those who are unfamiliar, ARM is the company behind the architecture of mobile chipsets used by the likes of Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm, MediaTek, NVIDIA, Huawei, and more.

SoftBank To Acquire ARM For $32 Billion
Names like Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Samsung, Apple, and Huawei have been tossed around a lot when it comes to the chipsets found on our smartphones. However for the most part, a lot of these companies base their chipsets on the designs by a UK-based company called ARM, and now it looks like ARM could soon be owned by Japan’s SoftBank.

ARM Mali G71 Graphics Processor Revealed
At Computex 2016, The ARM Mali line of graphics processors (GPU) is getting a new addition in the high-end. With the Mali G71, ARM introduced a new premium GPU design that can is scalable enough to power handset to laptops In 2011, ~50M chips featured a Mali GPU. This number rose to ~750M units in 2015. Interestingly, 75% of them are used in televisions, 50% in tablets and 40% in […]

ARM Cortex A73 CPU Core To Power 2017 Mobiles
Alongside its Mali G71 GPU design, ARM is also introducing the ARM Cortex A73, a new CPU core design to be used for premium SoC designs in 2017. At the core of this new design is the continuous drive to obtain higher performance per Watt, and a higher absolute peak performance.

ARM: Mobile Devices Could Be More Powerful Than Consoles In 2017
Our mobile devices have certainly come a long way from back in the day of the feature phone, where monochromatic games were all we could play. However looking at phones today, they have certainly caught up fast and are now playing games with high quality graphics that only a high-end computer or a console could achieve back then.

Samsung Signs Long-Term Agreement With ARM For Graphics Processors
For long, ARM has been providing it’s Mali graphics processors to Samsung which it then uses with its Exynos processors. It’s not a new relationship by any means but today Samsung signed an agreement which is going to solidify it even further. The long-term agreement signed between Samsung and ARM today covers the latter’s Mali GPUs which include the Mali T820/830/860 as well as the recently announced Mali T880 and […]

ARM-Powered Chip Aims To Run For "Decades" On One Battery Charge
With the changing times, the use of internet in smartphones, tablets and other devices has increased by notches, due to which, the desire for low-power chips has also increased. Thanks to Atmel, which has come up with a low-power chips that can last for “a decade” on a single battery charge.

Microsoft May Stop Producing ARM-Based Surface Tablets [Report]
A couple of conflicting reports have come up today regarding the Surface tablet. First it was said that Microsoft is going to kill its tablet lineup completely but the company responded that it is committed to Surface Pro and that there will be a next-generation model. Now a new report has been published online which claims that while the Pro tablets will continue to exist, Microsoft may do away with ARM-based […]