With a lot of emphasis being placed on renewable energy sources these days, along with the concept of going green, perhaps A-Solar’s Power Dock for iOS devices might be worth checking out.


The A-Solar Power Dock will allow charging of iOS devices via USB or solar power, but in this case we guess the focus will be placed on its solar charging capabilities. The charger packs a 6,000mAh battery so you will be able to charge your iOS device at your convenience, and at the same time when coupled with a USB cable connected to your computer, it will also help to sync your iOS device with iTunes.

The Power Dock will sport a LED status indicator and test button to let you know how much energy the internal battery has stored. According to its specifications, it should be able to charge your mobile device in 3-4 hours, while the charging of the dock itself will take 12-16 hours via sunlight, or 4 hours via USB. If you’re interested in picking up the A-Solar Power Dock, it will retail for €79 (~$106) and is available via A-Solar’s website and will be made available in 2-3 weeks.

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