Artifact LED/LCD watch concept is alien-like in design

Are you a fan of designs that are futuristic and alien-like? The good news is that if you are, you might be interested in taking a look at the Artifact concept watch over at Tokyo Flash, which to be honest looks like it could have very well been taken out of the Predator movies. 

Designed by Peter from the UK, the Artifact concept watch will utilize either LED or a backlit LCD, with the top portion of the watch communicating the hours, while the lower portion will tell the minutes. The watch will also feature a touch sensitive control area which will activate the device, which we presume will also help to light up the watch in low-light situations.

It is a pretty alien-like concept and has a pretty interesting background to it as well. If you’d like to learn about the “history” of the watch, pop on over to Tokyo Flash’s website where you can rate its design and let the good folks over at Tokyo Flash know whether a watch of this design/concept would be worth buying!

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