Earth Blocks eco friendly LEGO cloneHave you ever wondered the kind of precision and quality control that goes through each LEGO product that rolls off the manufacturing line? Well, those are made out of non-toxic plastic (since plenty of children let their imagination roam free with LEGO), but how about an eco-friendly version of LEGO? That is what Earth Blocks are all about, where they are made out of materials that you would normally use for composting – tree bark, green tea, cedar dust, and coffee beans. These eco-friendly toys are definitely softer than LEGO, and while they do not snap together as tightly as regular LEGO bricks, that also means they are easier to take apart without having you break that recently painted fingernail.

Designer Colors Tokyo were the ones behind the Earth Blocks, and wanted them to retain the earthy hue that reflected the original material. Not only that, they would smell far better than your LEGO bricks, since they retain the scent of the material they are composed of. 50 pieces of cedar dust or coffee bean Earth Blocks will retail for $27, while the tree bark and green tea versions are on their way.

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