Yes, we do know that Ikea, the flat packin’ furniture giant, has a tough task at hand to figure out just how majority of the population will be able to fix the furniture that they recently purchased at home without getting any help, resulting in what deems to be a few short cartoon panels. Not everyone gets it though, so the thousand words spoken through those images are now augmented with – yup, you’ve guessed it, videos. This is a silent admission (for some) by Ikea that their instructions are confusing enough to take this step – what do you think of this viewpoint?

How-to videos have started to appear on their YouTube channel, where a sample for the MALM bed frame assembly is featured above. Apart from that, there are also helpful pop-up windows, where viewers can pause, rewind and fast forward in a jiffy. Considering the portfolio of furniture that Ikea has in their stable, it would take quite a while before the full catalogue appears online, since new videos are planned on a weekly basis.

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