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IKEA is no stranger when it comes to wireless charging. The company already offers a variety of wireless charging options, but the problem is that they require a power source. However, it seems that IKEA could actually be developing their own wireless charging power bank.

According to a report from German publication mobiFlip, it seems that IKEA has started to sell these power banks at their store in Cologne. As you can see in the photo above (sent to them by one of their readers), it features a fabric top with the “+” symbol on it that you might find on other IKEA wireless chargers. The report claims it will sport a 6,500mAh battery so it should be good enough to charge most phones up to full.

However, there are a couple of things to note and that is it does not come with a cable which means you’ll have to supply your own USB-C cable if you want to recharge it, but since USB-C has become the standard these days, we reckon it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, another thing to note is that it charges at 5W which is kind of slow, so if you’re in a rush, this probably wouldn’t cut it.

The upside though is that it seems that the batteries in the charger are user-replaceable, so if it starts losing its charge, you should be able to replace it later on. The charger is said to be priced at €20, although it is unclear if there are plans to eventually sell the charger in other markets.

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