We all know that driving while talking on the phone is a bad idea, and NEC has an upcoming piece of technology that they plan to debut at MWC 2012 that will help to remedy that. Supposedly this piece of technology embedded into our smartphones will help detect how “fast” the user is moving and will then route that the call onto a path more appropriate, such as a regular ring tone, voice mail or even email.

Like we said, driving while talking on the phone can be dangerous, and this technology supposedly will be able to pick up on that based on the speed that you are moving at, and will most likely route your call to voice mail or email where you will be able to attend to it later. However if one were simply walking to standing still, then the call will be received as per normal. According to Keiko Matsunaga, VP of NEC Corporation:

“A person’s activity, whether they are driving, in a meeting or exercising, has a significant impact on the best way to take a call. NEC’s new solution facilitates smoother, less intrusive communications by automatically recommending the most appropriate contact method.”

NEC’s technology will be up for preview at MWC 2012 next week, so check back with us for more details on how it works!

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