lenovo-lavie-smart-mirror[CEATEC 2016] Taking a final look in the mirror before heading out is something that we’re sure many of us are accustomed to doing. However in this day and age, simple tasks can always be enhanced and improved upon thanks to technology. Lenovo has an idea and that is with its LaVie smart mirror.

However unlike other smart mirrors that debuted at CEATEC, like Panasonic’s smart makeup mirror, the LaVie smart mirror is pretty straightforward. Users looking at the screen will be given information such as the time, the date, the weather, upcoming calendar events, and the news.

It also uses Intel’s RealSense cameras and according to the Lenovo rep, it seems that the LaVie smart mirror is tailored to individual users as the camera will be able to detect who you are. This means that the information displayed on the mirror won’t be completely generic, and when it detects who you are, it is possible that the information will change.

So for example if you stand in front of the mirror, it might only display news that you care about, or show you your upcoming calendar events. But if someone else were to stand in front of it, like your parent, partner, friend, and etc., the information displayed to them will be different. Unfortunately this smart mirror cannot be purchased just yet but Lenovo is said to be considering it.

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