#CEATEC2018 – One of the ways to verify someone’s identify and a way that is commonly used today is to ask for an ID card. The problem with such a system is that people might forget to bring their IDs, or IDs can be easily faked, and not to mention the time it takes for someone to take their ID out of their bags, wallets, or purses can slow down the entire process.

This is compounded further when there is a huge line, such as at a major event like the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. However this is an issue that NEC is hoping to tackle as they have announced their plans to use biometrics to help streamline and speed up security during the games for those who are planning to attend.

This will come in the form of facial recognition software and hardware, which as you can see in the photos is like a little booth where all users have to do is stand in front of it and it will scan/recognize their faces. This should address some of the issues we mentioned above when using more traditional security measures, plus it is more accurate and not prone to some of the shortcomings of humans, such as getting tired.

If this system is a success, we wouldn’t be surprised if it could be eventually adopted and used at other venue for other events or for other purposes. While some have decried facial recognition as an invasion of privacy, the technology has become more prevalent these days and is already being used at certain airports around the world for similar identification purposes, while some countries have deployed it to try and identify and locate wanted suspects.

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