Let’s face it, with the number of gadgets we own, we definitely have a mess of cables that need untangling and sorting out from time to time. This might include cables for an iOS device, or micro USB, or regular USB, Thunderbolt, headphone cables, etc. We know that there are cable management systems out there, but if none have satisfied you so far, the Recoil Winders might be a cable management system worth checking out.

The Recoil Winder, as the name implies, is a spring loaded cable management system and recoils and winds your cable up just by folding the cable in half, hooking it onto the Recoil Winder, and tugging on it (check out the video above for a demonstration). It will come in three sizes – small, medium and large, with the smaller cable designed with Apple’s earbuds in mind, and with the larger Recoil Winders reportedly capable of winding up the Wii Nunchuks and USB cables.

The Recoil Winders can then be placed upon a rack which allows for the vertical standing of the wound up cables, so if you’re really organized you could even line the Recoil Winders up by type/size. This particular Kickstarter project has managed to raise five times its original goal with 19 days left. More information or to pledge some money to its Kickstarter project can be found here.

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