Solidarity and empathy – that is something we all look forward to when we are kicked around and are right on the edge of our wits. It is not easy being a cancer patient, with frequent trips made to hospitals in addition to tiring chemotherapy sessions, what more if one is still a kid, and your mates are running around in the playground while you find it difficult to even sit up for a few minutes. St. Baldrick’s Foundation intends to raise money for childhood cancer research, not to mention spreading word about the need to Conquer Kids’ Cancer – and their latest efforts involve Xbox LIVE gamers being encouraged to shave their Avatar’s head bald. You can do so between now and March 31, where the virtual shave is an action to honor the kids who tend to lose their hair during cancer treatments.

The Avatar head-shaving campaign is not new as it is already in its second year, and with a pool of over 30 million Xbox LIVE subscribers around, having the entire group of bald Avatars might just be able to make a supporting mark in the lives of those kids. Of course, it does not stop there with your Avatar being bald – you are also encouraged to Like the Xbox LIVE Avatar Head-Shaving Day Facebook page, while sharing a photo of your bald Avatar in addition to stating your reason in supporting childhood cancer research.

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