For those in the market for a time piece that doesn’t necessarily have to be worn on the wrist, you might be interested in taking a look at this recent submission to Tokyo Flash. This Alien Toy Pocket Watch was submitted by designer Andy from the Ukraine, and it basically features an alien toy hanging on what appears to be a necklace, with its eye being used as the time piece. Granted it’s not the most easy or convenient way to tell the time, but for those who love necklaces/pendents or novel jewelry or accessorizing, this ought to do the trick.

However unlike other Tokyo Flash submissions, telling the time on this Alien Toy Pocket Watch is rather straightforward. As you might have noticed in the eye of the alien, there is a white and black dot, and the white dot will indicate the hour while the black will indicate the minutes and will be positioned accordingly. In the rendering above, the time would be about 9:10. So, what do you guys think? If you think that Andy deserves to have this Alien Toy Pocket Watch made into a reality, pop on over to Tokyo Flash and leave a comment and rate his design.

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