We have seen the latest Apple TV taken apart, showing off its 8GB of flash memory and all, but here is yet another rumor concerning future Apple TV development. Touted to arrive sometime in 2013 according to Asian research group CLSA, word on the street has it that Foxconn, one of the main manufacturing subcontractors for Apple, has decided to throw some money in Sharp Electronics’ direction, which might very well pave the way for a true blue Apple TV set instead of remaining as a cute little droid-like device in the corner of your home. In fact, USA Today quoted Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in January this year, “I do expect Apple to make an attempt [to get into the TV set business], since I expect the living room to remain a center for family entertainment, and that touches on all areas of consumer products that Apple is already making.” Do you think Steve Jobs’ final act for his beloved company would be to really change the way we watch TVs in the living room for good? That would be something, impacting the world even from the grave.

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