The remote control that comes with the Apple TV is pretty great to use as far as remote controls are concerned, but using it for any sort of input like entering search terms or passwords can be annoying. However, Apple thinks that they might have found a potential solution to that problem – Touch ID.

According to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, it seems that Apple is toying around with the idea of possibly embedding Touch ID into devices like the Apple TV’s remote. It will function like Touch ID on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, where users can authenticate themselves using biometric data.

This means that users can use Touch ID to authenticate themselves if they need to log into apps, download or purchase apps, and so on. However, what’s interesting about this implementation is that it can be transmitted wirelessly, meaning that instead of it being localized to the iPhone or a computer, it can transmit data over WiFi, infrared, Bluetooth, NFC, and more.

The patent also suggests that a Touch ID remote could also be used to control more than the Apple TV, like other smart home appliances. It has also been suggested that Touch ID could be used as a profile system, so depending on who’s using the remote, it could lock certain types of content. For example, if your kid wants to watch shows on Apple TV, once they verify themselves, shows or content rated for adults could be blocked.

That being said, there is no indication that suggests that Apple’s next Apple TV could have a Touch ID remote, but it’s an interesting idea we wouldn’t mind seeing realized.

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