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HomePod And Apple TV Combo Reportedly In Early Development
At Apple’s Spring Loaded event in April, the company announced a new Apple TV. Sure, it had improvements under the hood and there was also a brand new Siri remote control, but otherwise it wasn’t a particularly significant or groundbreaking update to the Apple TV lineup, but there could be a reason why.

New Apple TV Siri Remote Is Exhibiting Inconsistent Behavior
With the launch of the new Apple TV, Apple also introduced a new Siri Remote. This new remote has done away with the trackpad-like surface, which was honestly rather difficult to use due to how slippery it was, but it seems that the new remote isn’t perfect either, according to various user complaints and reports.

Apple Explains Why Its New Apple TV Remote Does Not Have ‘Find My’ Capabilities
When Apple launched their new Apple TV last month, they also unveiled a brand new Apple TV remote. Unlike the previous gen model, this one brings back the tactile feeling of pressing buttons when trying to navigate the screen, versus the old model that used a trackpad like surface which honestly felt very slippery and overly sensitive.

Apple TV’s Display Calibration Might Actually Make Your Display Worse
One of the features of Apple’s tvOS 14.5 is that it comes with a new display calibration tool. This is meant to help improve the colors of your display. Unfortunately, it seems that it might actually have the opposite effect, at least that’s according to Vincent Teoh who shared his findings on his HDTVTest YouTube channel.


The New Siri Remote Could Have ‘Find My’ Functionality
When the new Apple TV 4K was announced, the rumors were also proven true in the process in which a brand new, newly-designed Siri Remote was launched alongside it. However, some noticed that Apple’s announcement did not mention anything about UWB being integrated into the remote, suggesting that it might not have “Find My” capabilities.

The New Siri Remote Lacks An Accelerometer And Gyroscope
A couple of days ago, Apple introduced an upgraded Apple TV 4K that comes with upgraded internals and also a brand new Siri Remote. This remote does away with the slippery trackpad like surface and comes with more buttons that will make it easier to use, but internally, it seems to have done away with other hardware components as well.

Apple Unveils Their Next-Gen Apple TV 4K With Redesigned Siri Remote
It has been a while since Apple updated its Apple TV. The last time we saw a refresh was several years ago when Apple updated it with support for 4K displays. For those looking forward to a more modern take on the Apple TV, you’re in luck as Apple has since officially announced the new Apple TV 4K.

Apple Could Be Developing An Apple TV/HomePod Hybrid
Apple TV and the HomePod currently exist as two separate products, but if a recent report from Bloomberg is to be believed, there is a chance that a future Apple TV could end up being an Apple TV/HomePod hybrid, where it will be a device that has the capabilities and functionality of two devices in one.

Next-Gen Apple TV Could Support 120Hz Refresh Rates
Are you looking to upgrade your Apple TV? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that according to 9to5Mac, they have discovered some references made in the tvOS 14.5 beta that suggests that support for 120Hz refresh rates could be coming to the next-gen model. This means that those who get the new model might be able to enjoy buttery smooth frame rates.

Apple TV Could Be Getting A New Remote
The Apple TV remote has seen some design and functionality changes over the years, with the latest model sporting a touchpad design that allows for quicker navigation and also makes it useful for playing games. However, it seems that Apple could actually be developing a newer model.

Apple Adds FaceTime Framework To Apple TV
Recently it was reported that Apple could be developing new smart home devices like smart displays, which are essentially smart speakers with a display and camera built into it. This suggests that in the future, there is a chance that we could see Apple expand FaceTime to more of its products.

Should Apple Have Acquired Netflix? Analyst Thinks It Was Apple’s Biggest Mistake
Apple is kind of late to the streaming game, but the thing is, so was Disney, but yet Disney+ is pulling miles ahead of Apple with some believing that Disney+ could even overtake Netflix by 2026. This is why Wedbush analyst Dan Ives thinks that one of Apple’s biggest mistakes in the last decade or so was not buying Netflix.

YouTube App Will Stop Working On Third-Gen Apple TVs Next Month
If you happen to own an Apple TV that’s from the third-generation lineup, then you might want to consider making an upgrade. This is because it seems that starting next month, the YouTube app on the Apple TV will no longer work with third-gen Apple TV devices or older. This means that the app will only support Apple TV HD (fourth gen) and Apple TV 4K (the fifth and current-gen).

Apple TV+ Claims A Meager 3% Market Share In The US
Apple TV+ was supposed to be Apple’s answer to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and so on. After all, Apple has been fairly successful with Apple Music, where despite still lagging behind the likes of Spotify, they are still growing at an impressive rate. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Apple TV+.

Revamped Apple TV Expected In 2021
The last time Apple released the Apple TV was back in 2017 where the model finally came with support for 4K content. The company has not updated the model since, but that could change in 2021, according to a report from Bloomberg in which they claim that a new, revamped Apple TV could be launching next year.

For Whatever Reason, Apple Fitness+ Isn’t Compatible With AirPlay
A few months ago, as part of the Apple One subscription bundle, Apple also announced a new health and fitness service called Apple Fitness+. For those unfamiliar, it’s kind of like a home workout program where you can access workout videos and also sync it with Apple devices like the Apple Watch.

Apple Begins Giving Monthly Credits To Apple TV+ Subscribers
apple tvIf you’ve subscribed to Apple TV+ either through its standalone offering or through the Apple One bundle plan, it seems that Apple is giving away free monthly credits from November 2020 through January 2021. For the US, this is equivalent to $4.99 a month, but the amount will vary depending on your region and currency.

Apple One Services Bundle Will Be Launching Tomorrow
Back in September, Apple announced that they will be putting together a subscription bundle of its various services. Dubbed Apple One, this will see Apple combine various services like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and more into different packages at different prices that customers can sign up for.

‘No Time To Die’ Could Have Cost Apple Or Netflix $600 Million
It was reported before the weekend that companies like Apple and Netflix were looking to bid for the rights to exclusively stream the upcoming James Bond No Time To Die movie. This is due to the film’s release which has been delayed to 2021, and with there being uncertainty as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on, a release on streaming services might not be such a bad idea.

Apple And Netflix Are Bidding Insane Amounts Of Money For James Bond ‘No Time To Die’
Until a vaccine can be found or a viable cure can be had for the coronavirus, it seems unlikely that a lot of activities will return to normal. One of those activities is going to the cinema, where even if cases are low, people might still be a bit worried or paranoid. As such, movie studios need to figure out a new way to release their shows.