If you want to get your cycling kicks in and yet remain safe from the perils of riding the roads, then you would do well to purchase one of those exercise bicycles. Otherwise, go out, get some fresh air, and pedal away! While some countries do have lanes dedicated to bicycles, you can never be too safe, so making sure people behind you know where you are turning to is essential to remain safe, and signalling with your hands is always a good idea. How about folks who prefer to ride around at night, long after the sun has set? Nocturnal cyclists can either modify and install an indicator system of their own, or check out this DIY Night Biking Glove that was designed by Irene Posch.It requries minimal material requirements, which include a pair of gloves, five LEDs for each glove, a conductive thread as well as a coin cell battery with a holder. The switch will be completed thanks to the conductive thread, and whenever you form a fist, the fingertips will touch the palm area of the glove, lighting up the LEDs which are carefully arranged to form an arrow pointer. This makes it a whole lot easier, where you will still need to lift up your hand in the first place anyways.

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