Flutter offers hand gestures to control iTunes and SpotifyWhen Nintendo first game up with the idea of the Wiimote, Sony laughed at them, calling it “waggle controls”. You know what they say – he who laughs last, laughs best, and Nintendo certainly had the last laugh as they saw Sony’s poor attempt with the Sixaxis controller followed by their lollipop known as the PS Move. Microsoft, who had chosen to remain quiet, worked on their Kinect which has yielded a fair number of impressive results when gaming with your body as the controller itself. Now, you will be able to use hand gestures on a Mac to control music on your computer sans keyboard or mouse. Flutter is behind this idea, using the integrated webcam and letting you use hand gestures to control music programs such as iTunes and Spotify. Flutter’s “sensitivity” is limited to a 6-foot radius, and hopefully we will be able to see it being implemented in other programs down the road. I do hope this trend catches on soon though, as you might seem to appear to have a loose screw somewhere in the eyes of your neighbor, gesturing to your computer as though it is a dog receiving obedience commands.

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