Earlier this year, Spotify announced their plans to launch Spotify HiFi. This would be a new streaming tier offered by the company that would unlock higher quality streams for users who might be particular about audio quality and want only the best that streaming services have to offer.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is a chance it might not make the cut this year. The company previously suggested that it would launch by the end of the year, but given that we’re only a week away from entering 2022, it seems that there is a good chance that may no longer be happening.

It is unclear why the company is taking this long to launch the service. However, it could be due to the competition, namely from Apple who earlier this year revealed that their own Apple Music service would be getting a lossless tier at no extra cost to subscribers. 9to5Mac suggests that this gives Apple Music an advantage over Spotify, and in turn could have forced Spotify to rethink their strategy.

After all, why would customers pay for a higher tier when the competition like Apple Music are essentially giving it away for free, right? Either way, if you’re a Spotify subscriber who was looking forward to this new service, you might have to wait until 2022 before you can subscribe to it.

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