Spotify Launches A Special Hub For Disney Songs

Most of us grew up listening to songs from Disney’s various movies and cartoons. It’s hard not to, especially since Disney has played a huge part of our lives. If you’re someone who still loves all the Disney songs, you might be interested to learn that Spotify and Disney have teamed up to create a special hub in which you’ll be able to stream all manner of Disney songs.

Spotify For iPad Finally Picks Up Multitasking Support

There’s some good news today for Spotify users on iPad. There’s a new update rolling out today for the Spotify app for iPad. The music streaming service has finally added multitasking support to the iPad version of its iOS app. This means that it gets support for features like Slide Over and Split View, a feature that Apple initially released back in 2015.

Amazon Music Is Growing Faster Than Spotify

At the moment, Spotify is the leader in terms of music streaming. Apple is catching up and last we heard, they had about 60 million subscribers. However, it seems that a dark horse that could be quickly catching up is none other than Amazon Music, where according to the Financial Times, Amazon Music is growing pretty fast.

Spotify Lite Is Rolling To A Lot More Countries Today

Spotify Lite first emerged on the scene a year ago. As the name suggests, the app is meant for older devices and for users in places where the internet connection might not be too exceptional. The storage and data-friendly app is now being expanded to more countries across the globe, 36 to be precise.


Spotify Stations App Adds Support For CarPlay

Spotify took aim at Pandora with its Stations app that allows listeners to enjoy curated music without having to do much themselves. It’s the convenience of this app which made it popular instantly which it was launched in the U.S. a few weeks ago. iOS users were missing an important feature, though, and that was support for CarPlay. That has now been addressed.

Spotify Will No Longer Allow Indie Artists To Upload Music Directly

One of the features of Spotify was that it allowed indie artists to upload music directly to its platform. Given that some indie artists are not represented by record companies, it can be tricky for them to get their music out there, which is why this feature was actually a welcome one as it made it easier for artists to take advantage of Spotify’s massive user base.

Spotify Podcasts Listeners Will Now Have Targeted Ads

Spotify has long allowed advertisers to target its free-tier listeners by genre or playlist but it’s providing much more detailed targeting for those looking to advertise in podcasts. As Spotify continues to build out its podcasts product, it’s now offering more specific targeting options to advertisers. They will be able to target ads to listeners based on the type of podcasts that they stream.

The Obamas Are Developing Spotify Podcasts

Higher Ground, President Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, has entered into a partnership with music streaming giant Spotify. The Obamas will be producing podcasts which will be exclusive to the Spotify platform. They formed their production company to bring powerful stories that inform, entertain, and inspire people. Spotify will distribute their podcasts to audiences worldwide.

Spotify’s Stations App Has Finally Come To The US

There are different ways that people enjoy music. Some enjoy being able to pick and choose their own music, while others prefer being recommended music and discovering new songs and artists. If you fall into the latter camp, then you might be interested to learn that Spotify’s Stations app has arrived in the US.

Spotify’s ‘Social Listening’ Feature May Let You Build Playlists With Friends

If you happen to share music tastes similar to your friends, you may have felt the desire to create podcasts together that everyone keeps updating whenever they come across a new track they like. It looks like Spotify may soon allow you to do that. A new “Social Listening” feature has been discovered which will allow Spotify users to build and listen to playlists with other people.

Spotify For Android Now Has A Sleep Timer

If you’re the type of person who loves falling asleep to music, you might be interested to learn that after years, Spotify for Android has finally been updated where it now comes with a built-in sleep timer. This feature is pretty straightforward as its name suggests, where Android users can now set a sleep timer which will stop the music playback once the timer is up.

Spotify Finally Gets Into Hardware With ‘Car Thing’

Spotify’s core business is music streaming, and while the company is more or less at the top of their game right now, music industry veteran Jimmy Iovine has pointed out in the past that companies such as Spotify are too reliant on streaming to make money, and that is apparently dangerous.

Spotify’s $0.99 For 3 Months Premium Offer Is Back

Have you been waiting for Spotify’s $0.99 for 3 months offer which gets you access to the company’s Premium tier? Rejoice, because it has returned. Those who haven’t taken advantage of it in the past can now sign up for Spotify and get Premium access for three months for just 99 cents.

Spotify Will Soon Be Getting Its Own ‘Stories’

What started out as a Snapchat feature has slowly become a standard feature that we’re seeing in other apps. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re talking about the Stories feature. This allows users to post temporary content that won’t be part of their main profile.