Spotify Letting Free Users Skip All Ads In New Test

Spotify, the most widely used music streaming service in the world, is running a new test down in Australia where it’s allowing users on its free ad-supported tier to skip both video and audio ads as many times as they like. While it might seem counterproductive at first, this test may help Spotify better target users for advertisements down the line.

Samsung’s Partnership With Spotify Will Bring The Service To All Its Devices

Several years ago, Samsung decided to get into the music business with the launch of Samsung Milk, a streaming service similar to that of Pandora. However a couple of years ago, the service was shut down but now it looks like Samsung has a new streaming service in the form of Spotify.

Spotify Integration Will Be Coming To Skype

Spotify has been slowly integrating itself into apps, allowing users to search, play, and share music directly in whatever app they’re using, such as Facebook Messenger. Now it looks like Spotify might have found a new home because it has been announced that Spotify integration will soon be coming to Skype.

Google Clock App Now Does Spotify Alarms

Don’t like boring old alarm sounds? Google’s Clock app now offers the ability to wake up to your favorite music on Spotify. The app lets users swap the conventional alarm sounds with their favorite tracks. They will require the latest versions of both the Spotify and Clock apps to take advantage of this feature. Once you have the latest versions of the Spotify and Clock apps on your device, you […]


Spotify Is Now Boasting 83 Million Paid Subscribers

Back in May, Spotify announced that they had managed to hit 75 million paid subscribers worldwide. This was huge as it meant that Spotify managed to retain their lead as the biggest platform for music streaming. Fast forward a couple of months later, it looks like they are still maintaining their lead.

Spotify Will Use Your Listening Habits To Suggest Festivals To Visit

There are music festivals for pretty much any genre of music, and while some festivals are pretty mainstream and well-known, there might be a ton of others that you might not be aware of. To that end Spotify wants to help you with that and have teamed up with Festicket to recommend users festivals to go to based on your listening habits.

Spotify Now Lets Artists Submit Unreleased Music For Playlists

One of the great features of Spotify is helping people discover new music. This is done through curated playlists which are updated frequently. This is beneficial for music listeners who want to discover new artists and songs, but also beneficial for musicians and artists who are hoping to reach new audiences.

Emergency Alerts Could Eventually Make Their Way Into Streaming Services

If a government needs a way to reach its citizens, that’s where emergency alerts come in. Take for example where earlier this year, an alert was sent out in which it alerted those living in the US that a missile was inbound to Hawaii. The alert was made in error but it’s an example of how these alerts are used.

Apple Music Has Reportedly Overtaken Spotify In The US

Back in May, it was revealed that Spotify was playing home to 75 million paid subscribers, while Apple Music was reported to have clocked in at 50 million subscribers. Based on those numbers, some might be wondering how it would be possible for Apple Music to overtake Spotify by the summer as some analysts have suggested.

Spotify Users Pushing For Refunds Over Heavy Drake Promotion

Drake recently released his sixth studio album titled Scorpion and proceeded to break just about every single streaming record out there. He’s the most streamed artist in the world right now, be it on Apple Music or Spotify. Drake’s new album has heavily been promoted by Spotify which even used his image on playlists that didn’t even contain his tracks. This has obviously irked Premium users who pay a monthly […]

Drake Smashes Record With New Album On Apple Music And Spotify

Drake is no stranger to setting and breaking records on streaming services. His new studio album titled Scorpion is out now and Apple has confirmed that Drake has smashed his own single-day record on Apple Music. Scorpion resulted in more than 170 million streams in 24 hours, significantly higher than the previous record of 89.9 million first-day streams set by Drake’s More Life mixtape that came out last year.

Spotify Joins The Lite App Bandwagon

Many online services are catering to users with less powerful devices with slimmed-down versions of their apps. Facebook’s Lite and Messenger Lite apps already have hundreds of millions of users across the globe. Uber launched a Lite app not too long ago and Instagram launched a Lite version just a few days back. Spotify is jumping on the bandwagon as well with its very own Lite app.

Spotify Users Will Soon Be Able To Use Siri For Music Playback

For the longest time ever, Siri was limited to Apple’s own apps and services, although Apple later opened it up to developers. The good news is that if you’re an iOS or macOS user that uses Spotify to stream their music, it seems that you might soon be able to use Siri to control music streaming services such as Spotify.

Spotify To Offer Indie Artists Advances In Exchange For Licensing

Royalties on music streaming platforms is still a hotly debated topic because there are plenty of artists who feel that the amount they get from streaming isn’t as much compared to a la carte purchases or physical album sales. While larger artists might not be as affected as they have other sources of revenue and might have better deals, this is a problem for smaller indie acts.