Spotify Opening Up Podcasts To All

In this day and age, a microphone and some recording equipment will allow anyone to have their voice heard. However distributing your content is a different story, and for podcasters looking to be able to reach Spotify’s tens of millions of users, you’ll be pleased to learn that you will soon be able to list your podcasts to the platform.

Garmin Adds Spotify Integration With Its Smartwatches

Exercising while listening to music is a great way to get in the zone and to tune out any distractions around you. For fitness enthusiasts who rely on Garmin’s smartwatches to keep track of their activity, you’ll be pleased to learn that Garmin has since announced that they’ll be integrating Spotify into some of its smartwatches.

How To Listen To Spotify In Any Browser

Spotify is one of the best music streaming services out there. While it is mostly being used on iPhone and Android devices, Spotify has a web player which does not require you to download the program itself. In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you to access Spotify’s web player on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and any other browser out there.

Spotify Cracking Down On Friends Who Share Family Plans

Streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have family plans, in which in theory, families could share a plan where it would be much cheaper than if everyone were to sign up for it individually. Unsurprisingly some have abused these plans, where groups of friends share them instead of families.


Apple Music Converting Paying Customers 2.5 Faster Than Spotify

Unlike Spotify which offers an ad-based free listening tier, Apple Music can only be accessed by those who pay for its subscription (assuming your three-month trial has ended). This means that Apple needs paid customers to keep its services profitable and successful, whereas Spotify can still rely on revenue generated by ads.

Spotify Allowing Artists To Upload Their Music Directly

Spotify is making it easier for independent artists to upload their music to the world’s most popular music streaming service. They will be able to upload their music directly to Spotify, thus eliminating the need for them to go through a label or digital aggregator. This feature is currently available in beta.

Apple Music & Spotify Are Dominating The US Streaming Market

When you think of music streaming services, which platform do you think of? If you answered either Apple Music or Spotify, you’re not alone and it shouldn’t be surprising either because according to a report from Billboard, Apple Music and Spotify currently make up for about 80% of the music streaming market in the US.

Spotify Offline Song Download Limit Raised To 50,000

Spotify, the most popular music streaming service in the world, allows users to download tracks for offline listening. However, the app previously limited them to 3,333 tracks per device. Subscribers could only save 3,333 tracks per device and had a three device limit. Many had been calling on Spotify to increase the limit and it has done that quietly with the latest app update which bumps up the limit to […]

Spotify Hulu Bundle Now Includes Showtime

Spotify announced a new bundle for students last year with Hulu. It costs $5 per month and offers them access to both streaming services. It’s an incredibly good deal and now Spotify is making it even better. The world’s most popular music streaming service has announced today that this $5 per month bundle now includes Showtime as well.

Spotify Letting Free Users Skip All Ads In New Test

Spotify, the most widely used music streaming service in the world, is running a new test down in Australia where it’s allowing users on its free ad-supported tier to skip both video and audio ads as many times as they like. While it might seem counterproductive at first, this test may help Spotify better target users for advertisements down the line.

Samsung’s Partnership With Spotify Will Bring The Service To All Its Devices

Several years ago, Samsung decided to get into the music business with the launch of Samsung Milk, a streaming service similar to that of Pandora. However a couple of years ago, the service was shut down but now it looks like Samsung has a new streaming service in the form of Spotify.

Spotify Integration Will Be Coming To Skype

Spotify has been slowly integrating itself into apps, allowing users to search, play, and share music directly in whatever app they’re using, such as Facebook Messenger. Now it looks like Spotify might have found a new home because it has been announced that Spotify integration will soon be coming to Skype.

Google Clock App Now Does Spotify Alarms

Don’t like boring old alarm sounds? Google’s Clock app now offers the ability to wake up to your favorite music on Spotify. The app lets users swap the conventional alarm sounds with their favorite tracks. They will require the latest versions of both the Spotify and Clock apps to take advantage of this feature. Once you have the latest versions of the Spotify and Clock apps on your device, you […]

Spotify Is Now Boasting 83 Million Paid Subscribers

Back in May, Spotify announced that they had managed to hit 75 million paid subscribers worldwide. This was huge as it meant that Spotify managed to retain their lead as the biggest platform for music streaming. Fast forward a couple of months later, it looks like they are still maintaining their lead.