Yes, we are aware that Halo 4 is burning up the news wires this morning, and we also know that in-game footage of the game has been revealed to the masses, leaving many with their mouths wide open as they lap up the best looking Xbox 360 title to date. Not only that, Microsoft has also taken the liberty to reveal additional details concerning Halo 4’s multiplayer mode, where Halo 4 marks the first time in the video game series where players are able to customize the abilities and equipment of their multiplayer characters via a progression system. Developer 343 Industries who took over Bungie Studios’ role in the Halo franchise also dropped some hints that there might also be a form of social gaming service, and with a little bit of imagination, it might end up being somewhat like Battlelog or Call of Duty: Elite, with speculation looking at some sort of narrative element being added to the multiplayer aspect.

The classic Battle rifle is also back with a vengeance, where this highly familiar pulse weapon is primed to feature its powerful specifications that would certainly roll back the years for folks who enjoyed the first few Halo titles. According to creative director Josh Holmes told reporters: “You, as a player, have the ability to customise all aspects of your Spartan warrior – and not just cosmetically. For the first time in a Halo title, you can actually change gameplay-impacting components. This allows you to customise load outs and gives you gameplay enhancements that can be unlocked through the progression system.” I guess multiplayer gaming is healthy, alive and kicking.

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