Marvel Comics announces Marvel AR augmented reality app

We know that Marvel is moving into the digital realm by providing a download code for customers who purchase any of their print comics (that costs $3.99 or more), and since they’ll be headed down the digital route, why not take the ball and start running with it? That’s apparently what they’re doing as the publisher has recently announced the Marvel AR app which will be launched in the beginning of next month.

The app has been programmed in such a way to recognize certain panels from a comic book, and when launched will scan pages of the comic book through the use of the smartphone’s camera lens. When a panel has been recognized, it will then prompt the user to download the additional content, which in a way could be thought of as a comic book’s version of the DVD extras feature.

The additional content will feature 3D animations of the characters, the editor’s thoughts, pencil art and exclusive story backgrounds for some of the key figures at Marvel. According to Marvel, each printed comic is expected to feature around 8 interactive panes, and will be available for download (free of charge) come 2nd April, with Avengers vs X Men #1 being the first comic to make use of the app.

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