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Marvel Attempts To Give Away Over 700 Comics For Free Again
Last month, Marvel attempted to give away over 700 digital comics for free within a short period of time, which the outcome didn’t exactly go as smooth as they had originally anticipated. It looks like the company doesn’t want to disappoint its fans and new, potential customers as they’re going to give it another try.Those who are interested in taking Marvel up on their offer of over 700 #1 issues […]

Marvel Giving Away Over 700 Digital Comics In Next 36 Hours
Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited finally made its way to iOS last week which makes it possible to read any of their comics that are at least 6 months old for a monthly subscription. Today, Marvel is announcing something we’re sure a number of both hardcore comic book fans and casual fans can take advantage of.Marvel is giving away over 700 of its first-issue comics digitally through the company’s browser-based Marvel Digital […]

Marvel Unlimited Subscription-based Comic Book Service Comes To iOS
For comic book readers, smartphones and tablets have introduced ways to interact with their favorite comic book series without having to go out and buy a new one every time an issue is released. Having all of your comics available to read on your smartphone or tablet devices is certainly a treat, although buying them individually doesn’t make it a cheap hobby.Marvel is announcing today it’s subscription-based Marvel Unlimited, which […]

Marvel Comics announces Marvel AR augmented reality app
We know that Marvel is moving into the digital realm by providing a download code for customers who purchase any of their print comics (that costs $3.99 or more), and since they’ll be headed down the digital route, why not take the ball and start running with it? That’s apparently what they’re doing as the publisher has recently announced the Marvel AR app which will be launched in the beginning […]


Marvel comics to go digital the same day as print
Great news for fans of digital Marvel Comics – if you’re tired having to wait for digital versions of your favorite superheroes, you’re in luck. According to Gizmodo which managed to get the exclusive news; by the end of March 2012, you’ll be able to get all your digital Marvel Comics on the same day they hit the newsstands. This comes as great news for fans that previously had to […]

Captain America earphones to prepare you for the upcoming movie
Whenever a superhero makes its way to the big screen, you can be guaranteed a multitude of merchandise to pop up in conjunction with the movie. iHip has just released some earphones featuring the artwork of Marvel Comics’ most patriotic hero, Captain America. The Captain America earphones are designed to work with any audio device including your iPod and iPhone, and feature noise isolating technology to ensure you don’t miss […]

Upcoming Thor and Captain America games to be in 3D
Is 3D gaming about to take off in a big way this year? Some folks sure do hope so. Nintendo has recently launched their 3DS – a glasses-free 3D gaming console, and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 started supporting 3D TVs not too long ago. Well this year, more and more games are starting to go stereoscopic 3D, including two upcoming Marvel Comics games. Sega has announced that the […]