Last month, Marvel attempted to give away over 700 digital comics for free within a short period of time, which the outcome didn’t exactly go as smooth as they had originally anticipated. It looks like the company doesn’t want to disappoint its fans and new, potential customers as they’re going to give it another try.

Those who are interested in taking Marvel up on their offer of over 700 #1 issues will have from now up until midnight ET tomorrow (4/9/13) to sign up to receive invites from the company. The invites will be used as a way to control just how many people are downloading their free comics so they don’t fumble the process of giving away their comics again. Once you completed the signup process, you’ll be able to start your download spree this Thursday.

Just remember this offer is only for a number of #1 issues of Marvel’s comics, so don’t go blaming us if you get hooked and proceed to buy every comic in a particular series due to getting yourself hooked on the first issue.

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