MarvelGood news for all you comic fans out there – you no longer have to decide between buying your favorite comics in print or digital format. Sure, digital might be the way forward, but there’s something about flipping through the pages of a comic book that just can’t be replaced with the swiping of a touchscreen. Marvel has announced that starting this June – any print comic it publishes that costs $3.99 or more will include a download code for a digital version.

This means that comic collectors will be able to buy comics, keep them in perfect condition – and still be able to read them as well! Talk about a win-win situation. Marvel has already been testing this concept for some time with its “Ultimates” titles, and it looks like response has been good enough for them to push it to all its comics. The download codes will work with both Android and iOS versions of the Marvel comics app. Anybody excited yet?

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