Hardcore Firefox users who can’t imagine living life with any other browser can rest assured that they won’t have to go without Firefox when Windows 8 rolls around. Mozilla announced that actual development work for Firefox on Windows 8 Metro has officially begun today. In a comprehensive blog post on Brian Bondy’s (one of the Firefox programmers) blog, he details the work they’ve got to do and the direction Mozilla is headed with the browser.

Basically Mozilla wants to develop one version of Firefox that can work in both the Metro UI and classic version of Windows 8. Definitely something Firefox users would want to see since that should mean updates and new features arriving on time as opposed to an app that would receive delayed updates due to the different Metro UI and classic versions. However, it’s still in its very early stages, so don’t expect to see a test/beta build anytime soon. But when that happens we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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