Consumer electronics devices have one particular issue that has yet to be resolved – heat. The new iPad is not exempt from this phenomenon either, but it seems that over the weekend, there were reports coming in that the new iPad has had its fair share of heat problems. So far, user forum postings as well as a report sees a bunch of users suffering from a hotspot that is located in the lower left corner of the new iPad. In fact, the worst case scenario involved the entire iPad shutting down, while a message pops up to inform the user that “the iPad needs to cool down” – you don’t say?

Of course, that occurrence proved to be extremely rare, and the person who submitted that particular problem was using it in direct sunlight. It makes sense, as doing so could cause problems to just about any electronic device, but then again, it depends on just how long one uses a device under direct sunlight, right? Still, there are bound to be one or two bad apples in each batch of devices which is churned from factories these days. What about you – do you have heat issues with your new iPad, or is everything hunky dory?

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