Unless you have a dock that props your smartphone up while its charging, chances are most of the time you have your phone lying on its back while you recharge it. Well if you’d rather have your phone docked but you’d rather not shell out for a charging dock, you might start to wish that this concept iPhone wallmount and dock by designer Benjamin Helle was a reality.

As pictured above, the dock, dubbed On/off the Wall, is not only a dock that will allow users to mount their iPhone onto a wall socket, but at the same time cradles your iPhone in such a way that it is standing upright, allowing users access to the phone and its functionalities while charging it at the same time.

Granted iPhone docks are pretty much a dime a dozen these days, but the simplicity and elegance of this design has no problems setting it apart from the competition. We can picture it being used to broadcast music in a living room, or reading recipes while in the kitchen, or even setting an alarm to remind your kids when it’s bedtime. So, is this an iPhone dock that you’d be interested in buying?

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