BMW i8, now in Lego

Is there a limit to what you can build with Lego? Not really, as a lot of it depends on the amount of creativity that you have, not to mention whether you have sufficient Lego bricks to complete your project, of course. Well, the BMW Group has teamed up with Lego to recreate a full size replica of the new BMW i8 hybrid sports coupe concept, where it was on display at Munich, Germany recently. This is because BMW is one of the main sponsors of this year’s Lego Kids Fest, so why not come up with a life size replica of one of BMW’s hottest concepts to date? This plastic ride is not going to rake in the chicks on a Saturday night simply because it is never going to be able to roll down the road where all the city’s hottest night clubs are situated. Got to love the brake lights as well as headlights that actually work.

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