Google has continued their march towards mobile domination by updating their Chrome Web Store, throwing in a slew of new features so that your life becomes a whole lot easier whenever you want to discover new apps as well as extensions. This can be very helpful, since the number of apps and extensions in the Chrome Web Store has organically grown to hit the tens of thousands figure. In fact, from yesterday onwards, Chrome Web Store users are able to give an early version of the new “Trending” view a go. You will be able to see just how popular a particular app or extension is, thanks to the different category ratings that range from “warm” to “on fire”.

Apart from that, to make matters far more organized, app subcategories were also thrown into the mix, where these enabled you to dig deeper into each app category. Let us take the “Entertainment” category for example – you are able to click on the “Music & Radio” subcategory so that you can check out music related apps if that is your cup of tea. Google has also introduced autocomplete suggestions in their search box to make life a whole lot faster. Do you have any grouses with the latest Chrome Web Store update?

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